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Virtual Office in Malta

We have moved away from a traditional virtual office service to offer a complete and resilient solution to your company’s administrative needs, making it easier for you to set up your company in Malta.

A complete office space with wooden tables and office chairs and a circular configuration with a whiteboard on the wall and wooden shelving

One Comprehensive Virtual Office Option with Substance

The regulatory landscape in Malta has changed and with it so have the expectations placed on businesses to demonstrate substantive presence. We provide a single, comprehensive option that ticks all of the boxes.

Office Management Services

All of the traditional virtual office space services with key additional features

Why opt for a comprehensive solution?

Regulation is constantly changing and being updated, not only in Malta, but also at an EU level. The Shell Company Directive (ATAD3) will make it more onerous for companies to show their substantial presence. The following proposed checks will therefore become a legal standard for maintaining a tax residence certificate: 

Exclusive Premises

The undertaking should have a dedicated space from which to conduct their business within their taxable jurisdiction

Active EU Bank Account

An bank account within the EU should be demonstrated as being actively used by the business

Resident Director or Employees

Directors should have the right qualifications, be resident or demonstrate a nexus in the jurisdiction

Looking for Something Else?

Serviced Office Space

A dedicated workspace for you and your team built around your needs

Coworking Space

A range of hot desks and dedicated desks to work within our community

Meeting Space

Utilise a range of meeting rooms and boardrooms for internal or client meetings

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