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 Hot-Desking Solution

When working hard on proving your business model, it’s always going to be important to surround yourself with positive, like-minded individuals, and Hot Desking is the perfect way to do exactly that! Rubbing shoulders with the right kind of people and potential collaborators can be the difference between stagnation and innovation. At BUSINESSLABS we’ve geared a space towards productive and focused work to achieve this goal. With our Hot Desking agreement, you still benefit from 50% off on our Meeting Room and Boardroom spaces, so that you can deliver that all-important presentation in a space which mirrors your professionalism and reflects the quality of your product or service. Whether you’re just starting out as a Freelancer or looking to work on a stand-alone project, BUSINESSLABS is sure to offer you that professional edge.

The Hot Desking area in our Shared Office Spaces is also perfect for companies looking to expand their operation with flexibility and in a calculated manner. Why pick up and leave your office for something larger (with all the necessary investment involved) when you can expand within the space itself?

At BUSINESSLABS, there is always space for growth.

Boardroom and Meeting Room Spaces

Our tenants have access to 190 square metres of common area space which include boardrooms, training/meeting rooms, the BUSINESSLABS lounge area, reception, kitchenette, and restrooms. This access is included in the pricing of our agreements and is based on the office space occupied.

Through our Booking Credits system, Tenants also benefit from a reduced price of -50% on all bookings of common spaces (Lounge, Meeting Rooms, and Boardrooms).


Events and Networking Opportunities

There are various networking opportunities at BUSINESSLABS. Not only does the communal space make this a part of the daily work-day, but a number of events are held each month towards this end. These range from talks on innovative technologies to social activities. As a Tenant at BUSINESSLABS, you will be kept up-to-date on such events.


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Hot Desk


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