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What things should you consider before starting Freelance Work?

  1. Where will I work, and work productively?

  2. How will I keep up with all the menial and peripheral tasks while still producing work?

  3. How can I be out there, and selling my services if I’m constantly playing catch-up on my workload and tasks?

It’s never easy to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. Freelance Work tends to blur the lines to the point where they are one and the same. This is the Freelance Paradoxand here’s how to solve it and work productively, whilst still growing your network and business.

The Freelance Paradox

Home is Where the Heartache Is

Anyone who has had to carry out even low-intensity levels of work at home, has at some point come across the same set of problems which come with mixing your workspace and living space. You’re familiar with the issues, I’m sure; rationalizations in the form of household ‘chores’ built to avoid work, the grossly uncomfortable kitchen table, the overly-comfortable sitting-room sofa, that snack you saved for later; teasing you away from your laptop, or your family/flat-mates in quasi-collusion against your professional success. It’s ironic how in such cases, the ones who wish us well the most make ‘wellness’ such a rarity!


And so you retreat into the darkness, becoming a being of the night and working feverishly until those inhumane hours of the morning, frantically hunting for productivity. Sure, it’s great that you work at your own pace, but not if that pace is procrastinated to an ant-crawl! Yeah, who wouldn’t love working from their own home, but what’s the point if you literally never leave the house? Of course, it’s great to do what you love, but it’s nothing short of tragic to do it till you hate it!

Shared-Office Space: Freelance Work Done Right

Freelance Work in a Shared Office Space at BUSINESSLABS

Shared Office Space is a way for those taking on Freelance Work to successfully tackle the productivity problem. Surrounding yourself with conscientious and driven people is the best remedy to over-procrastination and under-productivity. Being in a space that is solely for work kicks you into gear without morning mental drifting.


Not only this, but by sharing a fully serviced office, you are presenting a professional front, which is often the edge needed for a successful pitch to potential clients. Going to a café for an informal meeting is fine; having to give a presentation in one, is not. Need to give an important presentation, or give a crucial pitch? Shared Office Space often comes equipped with boardrooms, in which one can land that career-changing gig. Moreover, it comes at a fraction of the cost and without the crippling capital investment.

Total Flexibility

More and more, Shared Office Spaces are also offering flexible packages, so that the commitment to space is not as high as it is with a traditionally leased Office Space, and tenants can opt out of the agreement with shorter notice, and little to no financial and contractual repercussions. What’s more is the potential to revisit and revise agreements up or down in scale. If you’re looking to expand your business, and not merely survive, co-sharing is where you want to be.

Networking Heaven

Shared Office Space

Everyone knows that expanding your network is essential to being able to rock in the Freelance world, and Shared Office Spaces facilitate this seamlessly. Not only are you rubbing shoulders with like-minded potential collaborators, but you also find yourself being commissioned by them! The dynamic atmosphere of a Shared Office Space facilitates this effortlessly. Serious space brings serious people. Therefore, you can be confident that those you meet are unlikely to be taking you on the proverbial ride.

The Space That's Right for You

Having a look at what’s on the market is always a good idea before committing to the first space you find. Whilst you’re likely to be offered contractual flexibility, you’re still going to want to settle in a space that’s right for you sooner rather than later. Send emails and get quotes to find the spaces within your budget, and make sure you have ease of access to the office.

More often than not, Shared Office Spaces offer tours of the space to those interested in becoming a member or tenant. It’s always a good idea to get yourself a space visit before making any commitments. Look into the availability of parking and transport. Find out whether there are restricted or limited access hours. Ask the administrators what profile of Freelancer the company is targeting and what members currently use the space.

Make Your Move!

And when you’ve taken the decision and made your move, be sure to get all you can from the experience. Go to the networking events, speak with people and be open to new projects and pretty soon you’re sure to be expanding both within and without the Shared Office Space!


BUSINESSLABS is a concept promoting a highly cost-effective workspace, an enabling environment, an opportunity to network with other businesses within the premises and external initiatives. Clients are able to tap into an experience in doing business in and from Malta. BUSINESSLABS enables clients to concentrate on their core activities by offering a cost-effective, fully-serviced office solution with high functionality. The beneficial physical and contractual flexibility, as well as the comfortable, scalable workspaces, makes this Shared Office Solution perfect for ambitious freelancers.

Amongst the amenities tenants enjoy a fully-equipped boardroom, training rooms, meeting rooms, one-to-one spaces and a lounge area.

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