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A complete flexible workspace experience for just


Remote Working with Flexible Workspace

With the way we work changing, the spaces in which we work are also changing, with remote working becoming not just a norm, but and expectation. Boundaries are being blurred, and employees are asking for more flexible workspace arrangements. This means that the workspace can mean an office, home or even a cafe. 

To help you offer this flexibility to your employees, we have structured a company-wide benefit for companies who join the BUSINESSLABS partnership scheme.  

A Safe Environment Centrally Located

We take the safefty of our community very seriously. Our staff members ensure that all spaces are cleaned regularly, temperature is taken and hands are sanitized. Feel free to check out our COVID precautions.

Coworking Space for just €17.50

Coworking has never been more accessible than now, and we’re looking to make it even easier for your employees. Get a 30% discount on day passes by signing up to our partnership program.

30% off of Meeting Space Bookings

Meet clients and colleagues in a safe environment with a 30% discount on every booking. We include coffee breaks for each meeting, so we’ve got you covered with anything you might need.

The perfect perk for the new normal


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