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Substance Office

What is a Substance Office?


In short, a substance office is a solution. It solves the problem of gaining must-have business and service capabilities which often do not justify their cost in the company’s operation. It is a flexible way for companies to boast a wealth of capabilities, processes, and presence, without incurring the capital expense of establishing and maintaining that capability. These services may be both Physical and Digital.

Our Substance Office Service in Malta


Our substance office infrastructure in Malta includes a variety of physical locations and services, as well as digital services. This infrastructure is shared across individuals and entities, allowing resources to be utilized more efficiently. This makes it possible to offer users the flexibility of only renting or using the services they need.

This physical service includes a business address, mail services (receive, pick up and/or forwarding), conference rooms, desk space, and private offices. Printing and related services such as copying, binding, faxing, scanning, laminating, and shredding, receptionist services and answering services and storage spaces.

Our digital services include a phone number, online phone system (VoIP), multilingual virtual assistants, website domains and email, instant message, chat and other web-based RTC platforms, video conferencing, including webinar-hosting or other screen sharing platforms, online digital storage and cloud-based applications.

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