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Some businesses require a private space, whether for operational or regulatory reasons.

Set yourself up in a fully-serviced office space that takes care of all things to do with workspace management. We guarantee no hidden costs and full functionality so that you can achieve your goals with razor-sharp focus. 


Maintain a flexible workspace arrangement with all the functionality of a large dedicated office space.

We provide Coworking Memberships on the basis of a Hot Desking or a Dedicated Desking arrangement so that you get exactly what you need. We also provide all of our members a 50% discount on Meeting Space Bookings, free tea, coffee and water, and other community perks.


Finding the right space to meet colleagues or clients is essential to the success of the meeting itself.

We provide a full solution, inclusive of all equipment and consumables  such as tea, coffee, and water, and a welcoming environment with a flexible setup to accommodate all of your meeting space needs.


The first step of starting a company is its incorporation.

Our Substance Office Services pair important aspects of our service offering to provide a flexible workspace agreement that provides support services and makes available the full functionality of our services at discounted prices for businesses looking to get started in Malta.

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