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Facilitating Your Growth.

Our Background

I understand that it is human nature to have boundaries – we all have them and they’re all different. At the same time, I know that I have learned enormously from my experience throughout the past twenty years and from all the people I’ve encountered. 

We aim to attain a centre of balance; a space that feels right, where the sharing of knowledge, experience, and network are encouraged. Sharing for growth, in a workspace, you can call home.

 – Gordon Theobald, Founder

Our Workspace Offering

The BUSINESSLABS Flexible Workspace service offering is a complete solution for any business — from startups &  entrepreneurs, SMEs, students & academia, NGOs, and corporations. 

Serviced Offices

We set you up in a furnished and private workspace with all services taken care of and access to boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Coworking Space

Utilise a fully-serviced coworking space for a day/week/year with no hidden costs so you can focus on your work whilst growing your network. 

Meeting Space

We provide an experience, not just the space. Our boardrooms can service large meetings, and all bookings include consumables and equipment.

Event Space

Our event space can take any configuration you require, from conference setting to theatre, panel discussions, or formal lectures.

Office Management

If you need to ensure a local business presence, we provide a complete service with tangible substance for your office management needs.

Power in Flexibility

We provide much more than simply a workspace. Our service mix is structured to act as components to be utilised to achieve strategic aims, whether as risk mitigation, project-based scaling, or as an interim operations hub.

Got Questions?

Get in touch about our coworking space and let our team run you through the service offering.

+356 22195001
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